Hand & Foot Treatments

Hand & Foot Therapy

Take a beauty break – All of these hand & foot treatments are done whilst you are laying back and relaxing in our comfortable reclining chairs.

Hand Therapy

Begin with a hand soak, then smooth and invigorate with an organic scrub, nourish with a hydrating mask to have your hands then drenched in warm paraffin wax, followed by nail shaping, cuticle work and polished to perfection.

Twinkle Toes

Soak in a vibrating foot spa followed with exfoliation and heavenly massage with nourishing cream. The nourishing cream is infused with warm paraffin wax, nails shaped and polished to perfection.

Includes cuticle work too!


Treatment Duration Price
Deluxe Hand & Nail Treatment: Erase years from your hands with this combination deluxe manicure and intensive hand treatment that includes an exfoliating and rejuvenating warm paraffin masque. Your hands will be rehydrated, visibly softer and more even in color. With home care and regular treatments you can improve and maintain the results of your younger looking, manicured hands. 60 minutes $69
Express Hand Therapy: An express service to file, buff and re-varnish hands. Recommended as a treatment to enhance and maintain manicured hands. 30 minutes $45
French Polish $15
Treatment Duration Price
Deluxe Feet & Nail Treat: True foot therapy includes a soak and exfoliation, a deeply soothing massage, nourishing warm paraffin masque, along with a full nail treatment and an optional polish application. 60 minutes $69
Express Foot Therapy: An express service to file, buff and re-varnish for feet (no hard skin removal). Recommended as a treatment to maintain manicured feet. 30 minutes $45
French Polish $15