Hydrotherapy Treatments

Lauder Beauty - hydrotherapy treatmentsLauder Beauty Day Spa offer a variety of hydrotherapy treatments.

Hydrotherapy uses water to treat disease, stress and tension. The term Hydrotherapy, does not refer to any one particular treatment but rather to a broad category of treatments that includes: showers, foot baths, alternating hot and cold compresses, body wraps and salt glow. Hydrotherapies use both hot and cold water to either relax or invigorate the body. While warm water soothes and relaxes the body, cold water stimulates.

Tense muscles and anxiety respond well to hot water, whereas fatigue and stress-related emotions respond well to refreshingly cold water. Take a look at the therapies below to get a feel for the type of treatments at Lauder Beauty Day Spa.

Hydrotherapy Treatments:

Vichy Shower

A therapeutic vertical spa shower that gently massages, tones and cleanses the body. Perfect for before or after a massage and all of our body treatments.

Foot Bath

Foot bath are the ultimate in feet pampering! Submerge your feet in water scented with aromatic oil and minerals. Your tired feet will feel refreshed and tingly.